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Safety Warning Notice

Byrna Technologies Inc. (“Byrna”) has identified a limited number of Byrna HD launchers in which the safety wire may be outside of specification. Under certain circumstances this could result in an unintended discharge of the Byrna HD launcher if the trigger is pulled while the safety lever is in the “SAFE” position. The atypical sequence of events that could cause affected Byrna HD launchers to discharge a projectile while in the “SAFE” position is as follows:

1. The trigger is pulled while the safety lever is in the “FIRE” position without a CO2 cartridge installed or with a completely discharged CO2 cartridge installed. This will cause the hammer to “cock.”

2. The user then installs a fresh CO2 cartridge, places the safety lever in the “SAFE” position, and then pulls the trigger while the lever remains in the “SAFE” position. In the affected launchers the hammer will strike the “firing pin” and the launcher will discharge

The sequence of events that would allow the Byrna HD launcher to fire with the safety on is atypical (and violates Byrna’s safety instructions and warnings). The Byrna HD launcher should never be aimed at another person unless that person poses a threat to the user’s safety and discharge is required in self-defense. However, Byrna’s mission is to promote safety, so we felt it necessary to alert our customers to this potential technical issue. Byrna will perform the factory technical service update (at no charge) on affected launchers for any customer that wishes to take advantage of this service program.

In order to determine if a Byrna HD launcher is affected by this technical issue the owner can perform the following test:


  1. Find an area outside and clear of bystanders.
  2. Point Byrna HD launcher in a safe direction and ensure Byrna HD launcher’s safety lever is pointed up in the “SAFE” position
  3.  Keeping Byrna HD launcher pointed down and in a safe direction, carefully remove the CO2 cartridge and magazine from Byrna HD launcher.
  4. Continuing to keep Byrna HD launcher pointed down and in a safe direction, place hand under well and press the (“breach indicator”) on the top slide. This will clear any projectile remaining in the Byrna HD launcher.
  5. DO NOT RELOAD A CO2 CARTRIDGE FOR THIS STEP. After clearing any remaining projectile in your Byrna HD launcher, install an empty magazine, point Byrna HD launcher in a safe direction, turn safety down to the “FIRE” position, and firmly pull trigger. Pay attention to the sound of the trigger pull- that is the sound it makes without any CO2 discharge.
  6. Turn Byrna HD launcher’s safety lever back up into the “SAFE” position, load a fresh unpierced CO2 cartridge as indicated in the manual. DO NOT LOAD A PROJECTILE.
  7. Pointing the Byrna HD launcher in a safe direction, and while keeping the safety lever in the “SAFE” position, firmly pull the trigger. If there is a pop, bang or other noise reflecting a discharge of CO2 when the trigger is pulled in step 7 (anything other than the sound heard in step 5 from the trigger pull alone) this indicates a discharge of CO2 and the Byrna HD launcher is affected.

If there was no noise indicating a discharge of CO2 when the trigger was pulled in step 7, the Byrna HD launcher is not be affected by this technical issue and no further action is required.
Review a video of the testing procedure below.
WARNING- Whether the safety lever is in the "SAFE" or "FIRE" position, the Byrna HD launcher should NEVER be pointed at a person or animal unless it is being used in self-defense. The Byrna HD launcher is not a toy and can cause serious injury if used improperly. Never rely on the Byrna HD launcher’s mechanical safety to prevent an accidental discharge. A mechanical device can fail, so following safe handling rules and procedures is critical to avoiding accidents.

Any Byrna HD launcher affected by this technical issue can be returned to the factory for the technical service update at no cost to the owner. If you wish for your Byrna HD launcher to receive the technical service update, please fill out the form below. You may continue to use the Byrna HD launcher in the meantime, however, please be aware that if the sequence of events described above is repeated, the Byrna HD launcher will fire in the “Safe” mode if the trigger is pulled.
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