About Us

Pronounced bur-nah, the Byrna is the best-in-class CO2 powered handheld personal security device. The Byrna fires 68 caliber chemical irritant rounds filled with a highly potent cocktail of OC (pepper spray), CS (tear gas), and PAVA (synthetic pepper spray).

The Byrna can effectively Deter, Disorient, and Disarm attackers at standoff distances up to 60 feet. The compact design of the Byrna is ideal for concealed-carry and can be taken virtually anywhere.

Requiring no firearm license to purchase or carry, there are no waiting periods or background checks required to purchase and own the Byrna. The Byrna launchers operate on the same principle as paintball markers, but with added safety features and a patented first-pull-fire feature. The design layout and operating principle also prevent the launcher from being converted into a firearm. The Byrna HD launchers are deregulated under section 5 of the Firearms Control Act, No. 60 of 2000, and NO firearm license is required.

Byrna is a proudly South African product, locally designed and manufactured. Afrisist (Pty) Ltd in association with Afrisist SA (Pty) Ltd, a locally based company, a leading specialist in providing Monitoring and Recovery Services to the Vehicle Telematics and Tracking Industry, owns Exclusive Distribution rights to the Byrna produsts in Africa and South Africa.