The Byrna HD Personal Security Device

Non-Lethal Protection


Byrna Home Defense (hd)


Byrna HD Ready Kits

Everything You Need To Get Started

1 x Byrna HD Launcher
2 x 5-Round Magazines
2 x CO2 Cartridges
1 x 5-Round Tube of Chemical Irritant* Projectiles
1 x 5-Round Tube of Inert Projectiles*
1 x 5-Round Tube of Solid Projectiles
1 x #byrnanation Medallion

Chemical Irritant and Training Ammo

"it's like getting shot in the face with a flame thrower"

- Robbie Wheaton - Wheaton Arms, Inc.

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Byrna Defence

Safety Data Sheet

Use: Self-Defense

Payload: OC, CS, PAVA

Inert Projectiles

Safety Data Sheet

Use: Training

Payload: Talc Powder

Solid Projectiles

Use: Self-Defense, Training

Payload: Hard Plastic

Powdered Irritants

Significantly reduce an individual’s aggressive behavior. Effects range from uncontrollable tearing, involuntary closing of the eyes, burning and redness of the eyes and exposed skin; to coughing, gagging, and shortness of breath; to loss of motor skills or muscle coordination.


Oleoresin Capsaicin

Pepper Spray



Tear Gas


Pelargonic Acid Vanillylamide

Synthetic Pepper Spray

CO2 Cap removal tool

The Only Tool You'll Ever Need

Always Ready to Go

Be Ready Indefinitely

Well Connected

Easily Mount Accessories

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Designed for lefties and righties

Ambidextrous Safety

Instant access, comfort, and control over SAFE mode and FIRE mode no matter what hand you use your launcher with, whether shooting with your non-dominant hand or should your dominant hand become injured or unable to pull the trigger.

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